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Interviews with experts on NBA basketball, with a focus on analytics, coaching, and wild speculation. Hosted by Chris Axmann, founder of the Almighty Baller Radio network.



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Tara Bowen-Biggs, Dave DuFour and Chris Axmann - on the mic for a post-trade-deadline edition of the bod pod.  Thanks for tuning in!

Glen Willis, host of the Full Court Press, joins Chris Axmann, host of Almighty Ballin, for another collaborative episode fixing an NBA team.  This episode centers around the Portland Trailblazers, who are in need of roster overhaul due to a series of overpaid free agents.  We focus on some of the rumors around Nurkic and Deandre Jordan, and then suggest some trades that could remedy the situation and help bring the team to the level of contention in the Western Conference.

In the second edition of the Full Court Press and Almighty Ballin crossover series 'Fixing the Team,' Chris Axmann and Glen Willis turn their eyes to Milwaukee, a promising young team with a recently vacated head coaching position due to their chronic underperformance. Glen and Chris diagnose their flaws and discuss potential remedies - including some trade possibilities heading into the deadline. Tune in!

Not the best week in NBA news, as Andre Roberson, Boogie, and Kevin Love all suffered season ending injuries - but most dramatically, Blake Griffin is no longer a Clipper for life.  How will Griffin fare in Detroit?  How does the NBA landscape change with these key injuries: answers in a new BOD POD with Dave DuFour, James Holas, and Chris Axmann

Coach Nick of BballBreakdown.com joins the podcast for the first installment of Fixing the team, a collaboration between Glen Willis of the Full Court Press NBA Podcast and Chris Axmann of Almighty Ballin. .  In this series, Glen and Chris will diagnose several NBA teams in need of changes, and discuss how to implement those changes. In the first episode of the series, Coach Nick gives his input on the failing Cleveland Cavaliers defense and the team's lack of motivation. Links: Bballbreakdown.com The Bball Breakdown Podcast on iTunes The Full Court Press NBA Podcast on iTunes Almighty Ballin NBA Show with Chris Axmann on iTunes Why LeBron and the Cavs no longer rule the East - Bball Breakdown on youtube  

After an on court scuffle followed by a report of the entire Orlando Magic team failing to appear at Jonathan Isaac's church for his guest preaching, Coach Dave DuFour, Chris Axmann, and James Holas openly question the leadership and long-term viability of the stumbling Magic team. Ås the Magic lose games, the Miami Heat win games, now contending for a top 4 seed in the Eastern Conference playoff: what are the short and long term outlooks for these teams?

Kaan Erel, co-host of the NBA Front Office podcast, founder of The Bench Mob, and Salary Capologist, joins the show to formulate trades and speculate player movement that might be on the horizon before the Feb. 8th trade deadline,

Dave Dufour, James Holas, Chris Axmann, and later Cole Zwicker, hop on the mic to talk about NBA things and basketball stuff.

Glen Willis, cohost of the Full Court Press podcast, joins the Almighty Ballin NBA Show for in-depth analysis of each Christmas day breakdown - from the teams to the games, we leave no analytical stone unturned.

In this crossover edition of the B.O.D POD, James Holas and Chris Axmann connect with Tara Bowen-Biggs through their mutual cohost Dan Marang.  A whole lot of Blazers, a whole lot of laughs, and way too much Dwight Howard discussion,

Tom Zayas joins Chris Axmann to talk LA Lakers after their overtime loss to the NY Knicks, and before Christmas day.   How have Ingram, Randall, and Jordan Clarkson improved, and will they even be on the roster next year?  Also, I give hypothetical free agency pitches to Tom to see how he would feel about the Lakers if he were in superstar shoes.

Dave Dufour, Cole Zwicker, and Chris Axmann discuss NBA stuff and news and trades that will almost certainly never happen.  Enjoy!