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Buzz Beat, presented by Queen City Hoops, discusses Hornets’ basketball in an in-depth format, covering X’s-and-O’s, coaching strategies, player & team trends, and aiding listeners to stay on track with the Charlotte Hornets on their quest to world dominance.

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We reach the half-century mark with this latest episode. The Hornets finish their west coast road trip at 3-1 and we recap the wins over the Warriors, Kings, and Lakers and the loss to the Clippers. We discuss some overall themes in this trip to California including Dwight's best game, Dwight's worst game, Treveon Graham's impressive play, and much more. We also answer your twitter question where we debate whether Jeremy Lamb is a legitimate 6th Man of the Year candidate and if Monk will be our backup point next season.

In the 49th episode, the Buzz Beat crew recaps the home and home against the Milwaukee Bucks and the most recent loss coming to the Boston Celtics. The topics range anywhere from Charlotte's ugly offense, the potential seen in Treveon Graham, and late game execution. We also answer you Twitter questions where we discuss the idea of trading Batum, construct small-ball lineups, and look at the upcoming schedule for the Hornets.

In Part 2 of Episode 48, we get the chance to play GM. We all throw out trade ideas that we think would help with the rebuild. Brian targets the Utah Jazz and the Indiana Pacers for a trade while Richie and Spencer target the Nuggets and 76ers, respectively. What are your thoughts on the trades?    

In Part 1 of Episode 48, we discuss the win over Oklahoma City and the back to back losses to Houston and Miami. We try to give credit where it's due but also breakdown what we've been seeing all season as these themes continue in these three most recent game.

Episode 47 is separated in two parts. Part 2 discusses the current state of affairs with the Hornets. With all the injuries piling up, with the disappointing play, Spencer, Richie and Brian deeply consider the idea of trading Kemba Walker. The trio talk possible trade partners and what this means for the front office of the Hornets. Let us know on Twitter what you think about trading Kemba?

Episode 47 is separated in two parts. Part 1 recaps the games against Orlando, Golden State, and Chicago. The season is slowly unraveling and losing to the lowly Bulls for the 2nd time in the season might be the nail in the coffin. We discuss the reasons for Charlotte's recent pitfalls and where to go from here.

For the 46th episode, we recap the two losses to the Raptors and the Heat. We discuss how the Hornets have looked in Kemba's absence and focus on Batum and Howard's play. We try not to get too negative but we use the "panic meter" to gauge our hopes for the Hornets' future.

For the 45th episode, we recap the two wins over Minnesota and Washington, followed up by the two losses to Cleveland and San Antonio. Outside of diving into the stats of the game, we look into Kemba's dip in play and if it's related to Dwight's increased role. We also discuss if Clifford's seat is hot, late game creativity, and we offer you to think about the idea of trading Kemba Walker.

In the 44th episode of Buzz Beat, we recap the week in which the Charlotte Hornets took on Cleveland, Chicago, and Los Angeles. In the two losses, there were some common themes. Between the lack of defense, the team having to adjust with Dwight Howard, and over-reliance on Kemba, it wasn't surprising that Charlotte blew late leads in games against Chicago and Cleveland. The Hornets picked up a much-needed win against the Clippers in a Clifford-esque game. Spencer, Richie, and Brian also spend some time talking about what Zeller and Carter-Williams bring to this team. It's fitting that, on the 44th episode, that a discussion about Frank Kaminsky ensues.

In the 43rd episode of Buzz Beat, we recap the losses to the T'Wolves, Knicks, and Celtics. In the two most recent games, the Hornets blew significant leads. Spencer, Richie, and Brian discuss what's causing these late-game troubles. While the majority of this episode deals with the negatives, the hosts try to highlight some high notes in the last 3 games.

The originals, Spencer and Richie, record the 42nd episode of Buzz Beat. They recap the wins over Memphis and Milwaukee and the deflating loss to San Antonio. The conversation focuses on the grind-it-out nature that was the game in Memphis. Trailing most of the game, and playing on a back-to-back, Charlotte was still able to show resiliency on their comeback win. Wednesday's win over the Bucks was very un-Clifford-like. The Hornets' defense was not up to par but rookie Monk lit it up in the final period. Unfortunately, the Hornets luck ran out Friday night in San Antonio as they couldn't take advantage of the Leonard-less Spurs. Spener and Richie discuss the hot and cold nature of the bench, Monk's play, Lamb's impressive start to the season, and Dwight Howard's presence.

Spencer returns for the 41st episode of Buzz Beat. The trio recaps the loss to the Bucks, blowout win over the Nuggets, and the deflating loss to the Rockets. The crew discuss Dwight’s role on this team and his post play. They also talk about how defending the pick-and-roll has changed without Cody. Be sure to tune into the live postgame #BuzzCast for Wednesday’s game against the Bucks.

In Episode 40 of Buzz Beat, Richie and Brian discuss a few topics after Charlotte's 1-1 start. The duo focus on the positives and the negatives from Charlotte's comeback win against the Hawks. They debate whether or not fans should be worried about Monk, Marvin, and the injuries that are piling up. They wrap up the show by evaluating Kaminsky's and Lamb's early season success and if it will translate throughout the course of the season.

In Episode 39 of Buzz Beat, Richie and Brian discuss a few topics heading into the 2017-18 season. The conversation starts with the performances of Charlotte's rookies, Monk and Bacon and then shifts to the pairing of Dwight and Cody. The duo debate the likelihood that pairing gets court-time and what advantages it can create. They also throw out intriguing end of game lineups. To end the episode, Buzz Beat brings on David Fernandez of Inside the Cylinder to discuss the Pistons and the opening night game. Listen to the Buzz Beat on iTunes Listen to the Almighty Baller Network on iTunes Intro/Outro Music: Mike Stud If you want your voice to be heard on the show, call our voicemail: (980) 999-0678Sports Channel 8: North Carolina’s #1 Sports News Network Buzz Beat Patreon : If you can afford to, we’re asking for your help to keep this podcast sustainable and produce more frequent content. Thank you for your support!