DG Courtroom: Season 1, Episode 38: Guest Chris Axmann Aces a Quiz on Carlisle and the Mavs

The Judge (AKA Daniel Green, @DanielAGreen1) is back for a special episode of DG Courtroom with guest Chris Axmann (@Almightyballin) to discuss the terrifying NASA scientist Rick Carlisle and the Dallas Mavericks.  Carlisle and the Mavs have been trolling the DFS world the entire year, and Chris gives us a level of insight in to Carlisle’s evil genius that no other podcast can offer.  The Judge gets Chris on the witness stand and demands answers to mysterious questions, such as: Why does Carlisle hate Powell?  Will D-Will be traded?  Will the #YogiBear show continue in the 2nd half of the season?  Is Dirk living in assisted living due to his advanced age?  Will the Mavs ever pick up the pace?  Which player(s) does Carlisle trust the must?  What the heck are these mysterious quizzes!?!? Enjoy!  Please take a moment to support the show and sponsor – by downloading the app DRAFT (promo: DFBPOD).  Also, if you’d like to purchas a shirt, notebook, mug or other glorious DG Courtroom item, please visit this site: https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/1174358-dg-courtroom?store_id=112490