Almighty Baller Radio | DG Courtroom: Season 1, Episode 49: Say Hello To Rusty Walker…
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DG Courtroom: Season 1, Episode 49: Say Hello To Rusty Walker…

The Judge (AKA Daniel Green, @DanielAGreen1) returns for a new week to get us ready for a horrifying 8 game slate on Monday.  The Judge starts the show with a recap of (1) Sunday’s games; (2) dreamkillers and dreamlovers; and (3) Chambers’ winners.  Then, the Judge welcomes our brand new Nascar correspondent to the show to give us a value Nascar pick – this really happens!  Next, the Judge takes us to Vegas to talk spreads and over/unders for Monday’s slate.  The Judge then tells us which teams to attack based on pace.  And finally, the Judge lets us know the top plays at each position for tonight’s 8 game slate. Please take a moment to support the show and sponsor – by downloading the app DRAFT (promo: DFBPOD).  Also, please rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast.  Finally, if you’d like to purchase a shirt, notebook, mug or other glorious DG Courtroom item, please visit this site:  Thanks and enjoy the show!  The Judge loves you all…even the trolls.