Almighty Baller Radio | DG Courtroom: Season 1, Episode 59: One Hour is Never Enough Time
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DG Courtroom: Season 1, Episode 59: One Hour is Never Enough Time

The Judge (AKA Daniel Green, @DanielAGreen1) is back to get us ready for a delicious 10 game slate on Wednesday.  The Judge starts the show by discussing the glorious Judge’s Chambers Head to Head Bracket Challenge that starts tonight.  Then he enlightens us with a recap of (1) Tuesday’s games; (2) dreamkillers and dreamlovers; and (3) Chambers’ winners.  Next, the Judge takes us to Vegas to talk spreads and over/unders for Wednesday’s slate and which teams to attack based on pace.  After Vegas, America’s favorite new game show: “Beal v. Booker” makes an encore appearance.  And finally, the Judge lets us know the top plays at each position for tonight’s 10 game slate. Please take a moment to support the show and sponsor – by downloading the app DRAFT (promo: DFBPOD) or clicking on the “Donate” button at  Also, please rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast.  Finally, if you’d like to purchase a shirt, notebook, mug or other glorious DG Courtroom item, please visit this site:  Thanks and enjoy the show!  The Judge loves you all…even the trolls.