Dig In Denver ep. 10 : Stayin’ Alive

This weeks episode was recorded on 4/6/17, and goes into four main sections.

  1. The most recent losses, and this critical state of the Denver Nuggets as we fight to stay alive in the race for the 8th.
  2. Emmanuel Muddiay is the subject of our discussion here , his season thus far, and his future playing some #MileHighBasketball
  3. We talk a little about the current thorn in our side, that is the Portland Trailblazers.
  4. Here we play a little “would you rather” and finish up by talking about the future , and what the rest of this season means for the franchise.

Let Dig In!


Music this week by:  Jurassic 5 (Intro) “Red Hot”


Outkast (outro) “So Fresh So Clean”