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Ep 6: Joe Borelli from the SuperFlight joins us to talk NBA hoops!

Ep. 6: The Sixers, Pistons and the NBA with The SuperFlight’s Joe Borelli

In this week’s episode, Inside The Cylinder welcomes The SuperFlight Podcast’s Joe Borelli to the show!

We’re talking the difference between covering a singular team (the Detroit Pistons) and the entire NBA. How does Joe do it? So many teams to watch and games to stay up late for.

Joe, to his core, is a Philadelphia 76ers fan. So we’re asking some Philly related Qs. Should Ben Simmons play this year? Should they shut down Embiid after word of his “minor” knee injury? When can we expect the Sixers to content for the playoffs? And what are Joe’s thoughts on The Process and the Sam Hinkie legacy?

Lastly, you know we’re talking Pistons! ESPN’s Zach Lowe just dropped a major exposé on the current state of DETROIT BASKETBALL, so we’re here to unpack it all. Reggie Jackson clearly has an alpha-dog mentality, but that mentality can rub his teammates the wrong way, and one of ITC’s hosts agrees that it should stop. Also, what’s up with the play calling Stan Van Gundy? This isn’t NCAA ball!

All this and more in this week’s episode!