Ep. 9: Playoff race adjustments, Piston’s memory lane, and island vibes

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In this episode Joey and David take an island dive into all things Pistons. Is Reggie back? Do we need Tobias’ offense out of the gate? What is David reading on his island vacation?!

We are sipping the Pistons’ kool-aid but have our eye on the surging Heat. We take a trip to Waiters’ Island. Should we be concerned? What is David reading?

We take a look at the Piston’s schedule and how the dominos may fall. Can we continue our winning ways at the Palace?

And finally we visit the Bad Boy’s defensive firepower (looking at you Dennis Rodman), and how their image didn’t do their talent justice. And what in the world is David reading? (Caution: There may be a “Darko” dropped)

All that and more in this week’s episode!