Cavs the Podcast Ep. 122: Threezus and Friends

To sum up: The Cavs let CJ Miles and the Pacers get loose in first quarter (70% shooting/36 points); got down by as much as 15; closed the gap to end the half; then came out and dropped 40 to 18 on Indy in the third; Korver went nuts (10-12, 8-9 from three for 29 points); Cleveland let Indy get within seven late in fourth then turned on the Threezus jets.

Nate Smith and EvilGenius get as raucus as two middle aged guys can as they recap the Cavs victory over the Pacers and the incendiary play of the Cavs’ offense of late. The cover Korver and his 29 points (a lot better than Indiana did), his 108 TS%, LeBron’s gaudy assist totals of late (25, six, and nine dimes vs Indy), Kyrie mid-ranging (12-17 inside the stripe Wednesday for 29 points and seven dimes), the free throw resurgence (24-26!), Kevin Love’s freebie mastery (22-23 in the last three games), the Cavs second half rebound (literally and figuratively) – Cleveland was outrebounded 23-15 in the first half and went on to win the battle of the boards 39-38.

Other topics include: DeAndre’s D, the epic victory over the Wiz; Kay Felder, world’s greatest miniature screen setter; the Carmelo Anthony kerfuffle; will Cleveland make a move; the missed Lance Stephenson opportunity; @CavsDan’s penny pinching; the January blues; and so much more