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Heat Beat is hosted by Giancarlo Navas and Brian Goins, and is dedicated to bringing you the latest in Miami Heat news, insight, and commentary from HeatBeatMiami.com

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Miami Heat luminary & color commentator Tony Fiorentino joins the shows as a special guest to discuss: • Why does the Miami Heat continue to allow second-half skids? • Best friend Ron Rothstein and coaching days with the Miami Sol • Impact with the South Florida community, teaching basketball to new generation of basketball fans • Tony tells his funniest Pat Riley stories, including a missing layer to the Burn The Boats speech!• We uncover whether or not Tony was "looking at some stats"?

Dwyane Wade is back in Miami, everything is right in the world, and the Miami Heat Beat crew drop a MEGAPOD to celebrate!!! Special guests from all over the NBA sports landscape join us to talk Wade's return: Jorge Sedano (ESPN), Anthony Chiang (Palm Beach Post), Rohan Nadkarni (Sports Illustrated's The Crossover) & Brendan Tobin (790 The Ticket). We also laugh at the Cleveland Cavaliers, and reveal some of our guest-booking secrets.

In this edition of The Heat Beat Podcast, we welcomed Slim of The Ticket Morning Show (790 The Ticket) to join Alf — our new incumbent host until Giancarlo "Washed" Navas quits his anime podcast — Alex Toledo, Christian Hernandez, and Brian Goins to discuss

Welcome, welcome, welcome to a classic, clunky Heat Beat Podcast. Alf starts off the show as host before Gianni comes marching in late to class—Greg Cote style. We break down NBA trade deadline talk (How does Pat Riley and the Heat maneuver with the position they're in?), Kevin Love out 6-8 weeks (must be really sick), and Jack shares a library meltdown story you don't want to miss.

We got a full house on The Heat Beat Podcast as Giancarlo Navas, Brass, Alex Toledo, Jack Alfonso and guest Rohan Nadkarni of Sports Illustrated's The Crossover as we tackle: • Hassan Whiteside's recent improved play • Jack defends Justise Winslow's development • Ugliest NBA Players • Hassan Whiteside's burner account • Rohan tells us stories of him at Dion Waiter's house • Toronto Raptors talk? … and so much more!

In this special two-part edition of The Heat Beat Podcast, the guys double down by welcoming Jorge Sedano of ESPN and David DuFour of Basketball Breakdown to discuss the Miami Heat at midseason. • Dion Waiters is expected to undergo season-ending ankle surgery, confirmed by The Vertical and first reported by our own Heat Beat Insider, Lefty Leif. • Intel from Sedano on Miami's decision-making process with how to handle Dion's ankle • Hassan Whiteside’s role with the team and his relationship with Erik Spoelstra • Gianni’s secretary? • DuFour gives us hot "Josh-Richardson-will-be-top-20-in-the-NBA" takes • Nekias Duncan gets called out for tweeting mid-show •Wayne Ellington’a future with the team

The guys return from their hiatus! • Alf gets mad at Giancarlo for wanting to flip Wayne (Rayne) Ellington for assets. • Leif provides some insight to the front office friction caused by Hassan Whiteside. Saucy nuggets! • Alf also recalls bad strip club experiences

Welcome to The Heat Beat Podcast, a weekly NBA podcast hosted by Giancarlo Navas and Brian Goins bringing you the latest dose of Miami Heat news, insight and commentary. In this edition of The Heat Beat Podcast, Giancarlo Navas, Brassjazz, Alex Toledo and Christian Hernandez engage in conversations that cover

The guys are back and have a lot of ground to cover! • Nekias Duncan breaks down early season numbers on the Miami Heat's offense. • Leif offers his perspective on the beginning of the season, as well as the progressions of Bam Adebayo and Justise Winslow. • Alex Toledo and Nekias both slander Dwyane Wade's rocky start in Cleveland

In this edition of The Heat Beat Podcast, we welcomed Anthony Chiang of the Palm Beach Post to join Giancarlo Navas, Brian Goins, Alex Toledo and Harrison Cytryn (Hot Take Harry) in discussions that involve: • Does cheering happen in the press box? • Rodney McGruder's extended injury/potential surgery? • Justise Winslow shining as a ballhandler/playmaker • Has Josh Richardson locked himself in as a starter? • Jay Sabol's new appearance … and so much more

Alf makes his full return to The Heat Beat Podcast and unveils the criteria that makes a superstar a superstar. Giancarlo Navas, Brian Goins, Alf and Nekias Duncan detour to belt and Big Bang Theory talk before breaking down the highlights of the Miami Heat's first preseason game of the 2017-18 NBA season.

First show of the 2017-18 NBA season and we are back in full swing! Heat Twitter President Alf fills us in on what's been on his mind lately. Giancarlo Navas, Christian Hernandez, Leif, Alex Toledo and Brian Goins talk Dwyane Wade signing with Cleveland, roster construction, and trading Erik Spoelstra for Klay Thompson? Small Sample Size Theater makes its triumphant return and convinces us all how Miami has adopted the Spurs system.

Giancarlo Navas, Brian Goins, Leif, Brassjazz, Alex Toledo and Christian Hernandez spend the entire show debating Kyrie Irving's value, what it would take for Miami to acquire him, and why Cleveland is turning into full dumpster fire mode. Gianni also reveals a hidden love for Tyler Johnson that you can't miss. Oh

Gianni tones his outraged persona down for this episode. Hooray! Brass, Leif, Alex Toledo and Brian Goins join to discuss everything from puppet media questions, the Heat Beat perception of being homers, and who the most likely Heat member to search on the deep web is? We also debut "That's So Riley?" where we take your hard-hitting journalism questions that the media wouldn't dare ask The Godfather.