Almighty Baller Radio | Solar Panel Ep. 6: To Bench Devin Booker or Not?
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Solar Panel Ep. 6: To Bench Devin Booker or Not?

Greg Esposito (@Espo) hosts as Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) sat out — management decision — and Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) said he wouldn’t co-host due to back spasms. Since two-thirds of the starting lineup was on the bench, Espo called in long time friend and play-by-play man for the Northern Arizona Suns Jon Bloom (@JonBloom) to discuss-

– The benching of Eric Bledsoe for the rest of the season

– If Brandon Knight sitting out due to “back spasms” was the final straw in Phoenix?

– Is Charles Barkley a jerk?

– Does LaVar Ball ruin Lonzo Ball for the Suns?

– Did a blater almost ruin a Suns debut?

– Mailbag & Suns MVP of the week and more!