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Welcome to the SuperFlight NBA Podcast, where your host Joe Borelli hangs out in his studio in Brooklyn, NY and interviews his friends about their favorite NBA teams. If you want deep analytics and professional break-downs on all of the NBA, please redirect yourself to another podcast. But, if you want to hear podcasters, writers and NBA personalities talk about their favorite teams, this is definitely the podcast for you!


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In one of the most ridiculous conversations that has ever taken place on the SuperFlight, Dave DuFour joins Joe to break down playoff positioning in the NBA. This is easily one of the best conversations to ever be recorded on the Flight and you're going to love it. Joe and Dave kick it off talking about art, wine and their own personal basketball skills and end up just talking about why basketball is the best sport. If you've read this far you should remember to leave feedback and let us know if this was a classic or just two guys having way to much fun talking about everything. Anyway, enjoy! You can follow Dave on Twitter @DaveDuFour and follow Dave's show https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/on-the-nba-with-dave-dufour/id1141743883?mt=2 Click, subscribe, rate and PLEASE review the SuperFlight here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-superflight-nba-podcast/id1102594901?mt=2

This week on the Dunk Tales, James and Joe talk a whole lot about the Cavs and the moves they made on a crazy deadline day. There's a whole lot to recap, plus James has another perfect movie comp for IT that you don't want to miss. Follow James on Twitter @SnottyDrippen Follow Joe on Twitter @JoeBorelli Click, subscribe, rate and review the show https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dunk-tales/id1329284403?mt=2

For your listening pleasure, this podcast it completely unedited. That's right, you get to hear Joe talk about basketball with as much eloquence as an otter in heat. And, here to help him are the the Zarcast guys, Duncan Roth and CT Schwink, to break down all of the Wizards highs, lows and everything in between. It's a fun conversation with two really smart Wizards fans. Enjoy! Follow Duncan on Twitter @UncleDuncle Follow CT Schwink on Twitter @CTSchwink Follow the Zardcast on Twitter @ZardCast And subscribe, rate and review the SuperFlight on iTunes right here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-superflight-nba-podcast/id1102594901?mt=2 And a special bonus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4afwsL0Cdt8

This week, after a really long lay-off, Joe's back with David Fernandez to talk all about the Pistons trading for Blake Griffin, from a very Pistons perspective. Joe and David get into what this means for the team, for the future, for Van Gundy and David's feelings. About 45 minutes later they talk about Greg Monroe to the Celtics and Nicola Mirotic to the Pelicans and Joe forgets everyone's name, which is always fun. Stick around, it's a good time. Follow David on Twitter @The_Fernantual, on @InsideTheCylinder and at Detroit Bad Boys Subscribe, rate and review the show https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-superflight-nba-podcast/id1102594901?mt=2

This week on the Dunk Tales podcast James and Joe talk about the Blake Griffin trade, Boogie's injury and how it affects the Pelicans and Cousin's future, a little thing we like to call "With or Without You" and answer Twitter questions. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions this week, we couldn't get to all of them but there were some great ones and keep them coming. Be sure to listen to the end for James's perfect and hilarious horror film comparison for Step Curry. Follow James on Twitter @SnottyDrippen Follow Joe on Twitter @JoeBorelli Follow the show on Twitter @DunkTalespod And subscribe on iTunes, rate and review: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dunk-tales/id1329284403?mt=2

This week on the Dunk Tales James and Joe talk about Jason Kidd, Isaiah Thomas, the Rockets vs the Wizards and the importance of Clint Capela, John Wall and the Wizards and a whole lot more. It's a bit all over the place but fun as always. If you're not listening you'll never know what you're missing! Follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippen Follow Joe on Twitter @JoeBorelli

Sorry guys and gals, after 3 scrapped recording in the last two weeks you're going to have to deal with some poor audio quality from Joe. Just hang in there, it's still descent content. This week, Matt Hill from the SuperHoopers joins Joe to talk about the Lakers, fights and guys who just annoying to watch on and off the court. There's talk of Lonzo ball's potential, if Fultz will ever pan out, KCP's arrest and how unwatchable he is and fights they would love to see. Even if the audio is terrible, the conversation is great. Give a listen and enjoy! Follow Matt Hill on Twitter @Tweetofmatthill and on The Super Hoopers Podcast

This week on the pod, James and Joe get ridiculous. Seriously. You're either going to laugh your ass off or be horribly offended with their accents as they play GM to build a contender. James rants about the use of "Generational talent" and "transcendent" players, Joe tells you who is inspirational MLK Day player is and they finish up with some Twitter questions. If there's ever a time to jump on this pod this is the one! Follow, subscribe and review on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dunk-tales/id1329284403?mt=2 Follow James on Twitter @SnottyDrippen Follow Joe on Twitter @JoeBorelli

On this week's episode of Dunk Tales, James and Joe answer Twitter questions, ranging from how we rank players to Dwight Howard being a not fun, potentially hall of fame player and every everything in between. This one goes a little long this week and the end actually starts at the beginning but absolutely listen to the actually end cause the rapid-fire is great. Subscribe to Dunk Tales on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dunk-tales/id1329284403?mt=2 Follow James on Twitter @SnottieDrippen Follow Joe on Twitter @joeborelli and @SuperFlightpod

Man, it is cold outside! But Joe's back to keep your ears blazing hot with his ridiculous stories and absurd NBA takes, and here to help him break this stuff down is Shameek Mohile. Joe and Sham get into the Pistons slump and what they can do while Reggie is injured and about the emergence of Reggie Bullock,  but it's also cool that Joe got to rub the Sixers win in Sham's face in real time! Then they move on to the Cavs and talk a bit about the Kyrie article that dropped on ESPN this week before finally throwing some dirt on Houston and Harden's recent melt-downs just before getting injured. Then, to wrap it all up, Joe and Sham have the HOTTEST take about Chris Paul and Dwight Howard and discuss the worst diet in history. It's a great time so give a listen! You can follow Sameek on Twitter @shamshammgod, on Real Ball Insiders and Piston Powered. Subscribe

James and Joe are back this week with all kinds of thoughts about the Raptors, Celtics (of course), Sixers (cause you knew it was going to happen anyway) and New Years Resolutions. Plus, if you listen all the way to the end, there's a real-time reaction to the blown call during the Bucks and Thunder game and the truth about how this podcast almost never happened. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dunk-tales/id1329284403?mt=2 @SnottieDrippen @JoeBorelli @SuperFlightpod

"Twas the week before Xmas and all through the pod, Joe's talking about Bulls wins with a guy from a Blog. This week, on the glorious return of the SuperFlight, I talk to long time friend of the podcast, Tyler Pleiss. We break down the Sixers loss to the Bulls, Mirotic's return to the court and the winning streak, broken faces, unsung hero's and a bunch of other random stuff. This is my holiday gift to you so enjoy! You can follow Tyler on Twitter @Tyler_Pleiss

Just this one time, the SuperFlight is going to be hijacked by THE DUNK TALES PODCAST. It's a brand new show with James Holas a.k.a. Snottie Drippen and Joe Borelli a.k.a. your favorite campfire philosopher and host of the SuperFlight. Going forward these will be two separate podcasts but we wanted to debut it here in order to gain a little traction and let you know what's going on. Don't worry, the SuperFlight is not going anywhere but the DUNK TALES is going to be all NBA and a whole lot of fun! Follow us both at @SnottieDrippen and @JoeBorelli and on the Almighty Baller network.

Boy, that was some game the other night, huh? If you're a Sixers fan listening to this podcast it's going to be right up your alley. If you're a Pistons fan listening to this podcast, there's still plenty to enjoy.  Friend of the show David Fernandez joins Joe this week to talk about the game and the amazing strides the Pistons, in particular Andre Drummond, have make this year. Once that's all over, they dive slightly into what's going on in OKC and what the team can do to correct the losing ways. There's a lot of fun stuff in this one so enjoy! On a side note, be sure to listen to the opening of the pod for the Joe Borelli guarantee and let's get some iTunes reviews going!You can follow David on Twitter @The_Fernantula and on Inside The Cylinder on the Almighty Baller network.