The Howl – S2 E18 – All about the Mighty Ballers

This week’s 1st quarter Aaron (@AaronGroshong), Kevin (@KDraves42), and Rob (@TheSportsMinn) break down last week’s Timberwolves action for you as well as preview the week ahead.

We have a special guest for the 2nd quarter buffalo wild wings #TwolvesTalkers segment. Welcoming Andre Snellings (@ProfessorDrz) to the show again to get into thoughts for the rest of the season, trade talkers/rumors, and Rob Hess has a Lance Stephenson breaking news tidbit.

This week’s halftime track is Tuff by Aesop Rock off The Impossible Kid album.

Boom! The 3rd Quarter this week is a round-table time where we are joined by’s owner Chris Axmann, Daniel Green from DG Courtroom (ABPN’s DFS podcast), and Graham McQueen of the Pelicast, to talk NBA All-Star weekend as well as the blockbuster Cousins trade! A must listen for all NBA faithful.

For the 4th quarter we are gimmick free and we are back to bread and butter basics with a classic Can Kevin Cousy? that you will not want to miss. Included in this quarter is another #HowlHardwoodHistory focusing on another unsung basketball legend: Rod Strickland.

Always remember, whether you are at home, at the gym or on your way to work nine out of ten doctors agree, it is always a good time for The Howl.