The Howl – S2 E20 – The Crew and Basketball

We kick off the 1st quarter where the crew will break down last week’s Timberwolves action for you as well as preview the week ahead.

The 2nd quarter is time for Sweet Talkers making this our Buffalo Wild Wings Sweet BBQ segment. Here we also update you on our ESPN fantasy basketball league, Flip’s Funkadelics, with an update on Aaron vs. Rob.

In honor of Prof’s Time Bomb tour finale at First Avenue we feature his track Time Bomb.

Boom! Moving right into the 3rd Quarter we mix it up with The Howls as well as another Nickgame hosted by Benj.

Jammin’ right along to the 4th quarter we kick it off with an important #HowlHardwoodHistory. This is followed by a timeless, Aaron vs. Kevin, in another edition of Can Kevin Cousy?

10 seconds left on the clock with the ball in your hands. Clock is counting down and you are running out of time. 5….4….3….2.. the shot leaves your hand as the buzzer sounds….. AND ITS GOOD!!!! And now as you jump up and down you celebrate, with a Howl!

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