Almighty Baller Radio | The Howl Season 2 Episode 24 Talkin Bout Practice
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The Howl Season 2 Episode 24 Talkin Bout Practice

Always starting strong, the 1st quarter is where the crew breaks down last week’s Timberwolves action for you as well as preview the week ahead.

We bounce pass our way into the 2nd quarter where smooth and saucy meet making this our Buffalo Wild Wings #TwolvesTalker quarter. Join in the conversation for this week’s #HowlHotTopic.

For Halftime a shout out to DJ Steve Porter and Porterhouse Media for the track Press Hop. Make sure to follow them @djsteveporter and @porterhousemdia on Twitter. Also watch their videos on YouTube just search DJ Steve Porter.

Practice is over and the 3rd Quarter action has began. We have the second installment of Dunn Better? Could a small change have fixed this broken season for your Minnesota Timberwolves? We will also give you an ESPN fantasy update as we wrap up the Flip’s Funkadelic fantasy basketball league. Congratulations to Rob Hess for winning this year’s league!

It’s close out time and that means the 4th quarter leads off with #HowlHardwoodHistory followed by Can Kevin Cousy? How many points can you get this week???

On your marks, get set, and Howl!