The LLP Ep. 121: MuseCage Against the Machine (Q&A Mailbag on Ranking Lakers’ Young Core, Trade Pick/DLO for PG13?, How to Cope w/ Tank-Lotto Fears)

This is the podcast of some dudes with a TANK MUSECAGEEE…whatever that means…

Join us as we cover all the recent Lakers news happenings + answer some fan mailbag questions to wind the season down!

  • Lakers News:
    • Thoughts on Kobe’s MuseCage (7:36)
    • Thoughts on Pelinka’s Interview on Adrian Woj’s Podcast (12:02)
    • Thoughts on Lakers’ Recent Play – not including LAC & MEM games (20:34)
  • Mailbag Questions (29:28)
    • How Should We Cope w/ Tank & Lotto Fears?
    • Prediction Time: Do we lose our pick? Do we get a superstar in FA this summer? Is Swaggy P still Swaggy?
    • Which Current Young Core Players Could Form a BIG THREE?
    • Which player ins the young core are the most expendable if the right offer comes along?
    • If the Lakers Keep a Top 2 Pick, would you trade that pick for a “star” (i.e. Paul George)?

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