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Tim Tompkins, Greg Esposito, and Dave King cohost a panel on the Hottest Suns Show in Phoenix.

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Tim's away so it's time for Dave and Greg to play. OK, so be lazy by doing an all mailbag episode. They take listner questions ranging from who should the Suns trade for to if Brandon Knight is really part of the future, you might be surprised by Greg's answer. They also talk about some oddities from the 1990s night including who was Tony Smith and why a dancer was wearing a Jerod Mustaf jersey and Greg recants on something from this summer. All that and more on this episode of the Solar Panel. Dave (@DaveKingNBA), Greg (@Espo) and Tim (@RadioTimNBA) together again.www.SunsPodcast.com

Devin Booker is currently* 9th in All-Star voting- will player & coaches votes push him over the top? Goran Dragic had some kind words to say about Ryan McD recently, we'll recount his time in Phoenix. Has Marquesse Chriss finally turned the perverbial corner? And we'll preview the Suns upcoming OKC and Rockets game this week. Dave King (@DaveKingNBA), Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) and Greg Esposito (@Espo) all together on this one. www.SunsPodcast.comr

Ryan McD recently said that Devin Booker will have a voice in any coaching decision the Suns make but has Devin Booker done enough to warrant that? More on Booker and if he'll get an All-Star nod (#NBAVote Devin Booker), Alec Peters in the G-League and no more Anthony Bennett and of course predictions for the week. Dave King (@DaveKingNBA), Greg Esposito (@Espo) & Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA). www.SunsPodcast.com

The Suns have been winning games they should win lately even without Devin Booker. What does that say about #TheTimeline? Brandon Knight sighting in PHX, could he be returning soon. Bye bye Mike James, Hello Isaiah Canaan. Steve Nash, Grant Hill & Jason Kidd in the Hall of Fame and predictions for the week. Dave King (@DaveKingNBA), Greg Esposito (@Espo) and Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) all in attendance for this one. www.SunsPodcast.com

Dave King is back as we discuss what three moves we would take immediately to 'fix' the Suns. Also Ryan McD's comments on Chriss, the Mike James contract situation and more. Join us Friday, Dec. 8th at Duces in Downtown PHX for 'Brews and Hoops". RSVP on Facebook @ SunsSolarPanel www.SunsPodcast.com

Should the Suns look to David Fizdale as a permanent coaching option? Mike James 2-way contract decision is coming up, who is most likely gone on the roster to make room? Evan Sidery (@Esidery) of BrightSideOfTheSun.com joins us for this midweek edition. Greg Esposito (@Espo), Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA), Evan Sidery (@Esidery) Don't worry- Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) will be back this weekend. www.SunsPodcast.com RSVP to Brews and Hoops Friday December 8th on our Facebook page. Join us for a beer!

Have Suns fans seen enough of Triano? After two straight new-look Twin Tower lineups and embarrassing losses to the hands of the Pelicans and T-Wolves, do the Suns need to look for a coaching solution sooner than anticipated? Does Alex Len deserve the DNP's? Even if we're losing, what do we want to see for the rest of the season? Greg Esposito (@Espo), Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) break it down. No Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) this episode, don't worry. He'll be back soon! www.SunsPodcast.com

Eric Bledsoe's return to Valley, to the court, for the first time since since the infamous tweet. The Greg Monroe revenge game against his old team. How would Triano combat the length and wingspan of the Bucks? How would the center rotation play out and did Triano make a questionable coaching decision in overtime that cost the Suns the game? Greg Esposito (@Espo), Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA), Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) www.SunsPodcast.com

It's been a trying season for Suns fans. With it being Thanksgiving, let's do a round table and discuss one thing we're all thankful for with each player. Plus, we hit your Brightside comments & more with Dave King (@DaveKingNBA), Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) and Greg Esposito (@Espo). www.SunsShow.com Brews & Hoops- Friday Dec. 8th. RSVP on the Suns Solar Panel Facebook. Twitter & Facebook @ SunsSolarPanel

Triano has dabbled with Devin Booker at PG- could they sustain that in long stretches for an entire season? What is our ideal match for a backcourt partner with Devin Booker? Is Nerlens Noel worth pursuing? We discuss this and more on the #SolarMailbag midweek drop Greg Esposito (@Espo), Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) but no Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) on this one. www.SunsPodcast.com

The Phoenix Suns have put themselves in position to make a 'Godfather' move, but what is likely the next step for #TheTimeline? Were Josh Jackson's statements on guarding Power Forwards whiney? And finally

Eric Bledsoe has been traded to the Bucks. How did the Suns fare? Then, (20 min mark) Paul Shirley joins the show to discuss his time with the Phoenix Suns and his new book, 'Stories I tell on Dates'. So much to unpack in so little time. www.SunsPodcast.com Paul Shirley (@PaulThenShirley) Greg Esposito (@Espo) Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) Dave King (@DaveKingNBA)

Should Dragan Bender replace Marquese Chriss in the starting unit? Will the return of Davon Reed mean a bench warming role for Troy Daniels? How is Josh Jackson stacking up to other rookies this season? Hosted by Greg Esposite (@Espo), Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) & Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) Social on Facebook & Twitter @ Suns Solar Panel www.SunsShow.com

Are the wins worth losing lottery balls over? Is Jay Triano turning Mike James into Russell Westbrook? Is #SarverOut a good idea to put all around Phoenix? On the latest midweek, we get your #SolarMailbag questions from Facebook (@SunsSolarPanel) and answer em one by one. Greg Esposito (@Espo) and Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) host this edition. www.SunsPodcast.com Twitter.com/SunsSolarPanel Leave a review on Itunes and we'll shout ya out!