Trailing Blazers EP. 06: Plumlee & a 2nd rd pick for Nurkic & a 1st? Yes please!

In this episode we discuss-

– The basics of the deal; the good, the bad, and the Plumlee

– Chris spends longer than I thought possible hating Mason Plumlee

– Breaking down Nurkic’s game and how he can help Portland

– What does this mean for Portland’s future in the immediate and down the road?

– The merits of tanking and looking forward to the draft

– Breaking down various 2017 NBA Draft possibilites

– How can Portland use Nurkic going forward?

– What other ways can Portland build, if not through free agency? What will get them to the top again?

– What Blazer could get away with what Charles Oakley did in New York?

– Does Nurkic bring an element of toughness and intimidation?

That and more on this week’s Trailing Blazers!

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