We The Podcast, Ep. 3: Thank You, Terrence

In Episode 3 of We The Podcast, Russell and Dan discuss their age and Russell’s quest for greatness, talk about the past week and get emotional about the Terrence Ross tribute letter in the Players Tribune in Raptors Past (7:20), discuss the DeMarre Carroll injury and the current state of the team in Raptors Present (21:00) and break down the teams next four games in Raptors Future (29:19).

Dan goes on a Grant Rant against both Valanciunas detractors AND supporters (what?) (42:19) and Russell uses Dinos and Digits to talk about how assists aren’t all they’re cracked up to be — at least in the case of this Raptors offense (50:50).

Finally, we remember the Red Rocket on This Day in Raptors History (59:05).