ZardCast EP. 71: Back-To-Back Wins Over Golden State & Toronto, What is This Bench, San Francisco Chronicle’s Connor Letourneau on the Warriors

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Gary return from their own personal All Star break with a whole lot on the table to dive into. First they welcome the San Francisco Chronicle’s Connor Letourneau on to talk about being on the Warriors beat for the first year, what it’s like following the team on the road, who’s chatty, Kevin Durant’s injury and what he means to the team, what they might do without Durant, Golden State’s new-regular season mindset and Connor’s favorite NBA city to visit. Later, the guys discuss the big win over the Warriors at home, followed by a bench-led blowout over the Toronto Raptors, and they sweep losses to the Philadelphia 76ers and Utah Jazz under the rug. Plus, taking stock of the new-look bench with Bojan Bogdanovich humming, Ian Mahinmi looking spry and Brandon Jennings about to show up on the scene. Later, looking ahead at the next few games, looking around at the rest of the Eastern Conference, This Week in John Wall and Pop Culture Detour.