ZardCast EP. 79: Spicy Wizards Go Up 2-0 On The Hawks, What’s After Double MMA?, Leftovers Recap

Today on ZardCast, CT, Gary and Dave convene following the Wizards win over the Hawks in game 2, putting Washington up 2-0 in the series. The guys recap the game, ask what comes after double MMA?, imitate Paul Milsap’s whining, sing the praises of John Wall, rate the atmosphere in the Phone Booth, look gleefully at the Boston-Chicago series from afar, make predictions for game 3, run down the rest of the NBA and recap episode one of The Leftovers.

Topics discussed include:

  • Postgame pod!
  • What’s after double MMA?
  • Paul Milsap is a whiner
  • Refs call a ton of fouls, felt like a college game
  • Wizards have been spicy, Marcin Gortat has owned Dwight Howard
  • John Wall drops 32, is the best
  • Bradley Beal comes alive in the fourth quarter
  • Otto Porter looks hurt
  • Phone Booth was rocking
  • Dave rails against jinxes and curses
  • The guys are giddy over Chicago’s two game lead over Boston
  • Despite two wins, the Wizards haven’t been able to get it rolling for a full 48
  • Predictions for game 3, how the series will end
  • Rolling through the other NBA series
  • Pop Culture Detour: Recapping The Leftovers premiere