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2017 NBA Draft: Live podcast reactions that we recorded as the draft happened

Welcome back to Golden State of Mindcast! We haven’t had a chance to gloat and crow about the fact that the Golden State Warriors are CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD, but I promise we’ll get to that. Instead, Ivan, Nate, and Bram sat down to live-podcast-blog (however you would say that) the NBA Draft which transpired last night. It was a fun thing, and we are planning on maybe doing more of these for regular season games or whatever next season. I mean, what’s better than hanging out with your friends, drinking a nice cold beverage, and talking about sports?

Anyways, enjoy.

1:30 – The Knicks are idiots. Will they actually trade Kristaps Porzingis? Ugh, what a toxic scene there.

4:00 – No surprise, Markel Fultz is the first overall pick. What do we make of this trade? Why were the Celtics nervous? Why were they not as high on him as everyone else?

6:30 – “Positionless basketball” about to happen in Philadelphia with Ben Simmons and Markel Fultz both able to handle the ball and initiate action. Also, that teams just want superstars.

9:00 – We find out about the Jimmy Butler trade to Minnesota for Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn, and the #7 pick. Whoa.

18:00 – What were you doing at age 19? If you had TMZ following you around, would you end up in jail, or just embarrassed like D’Angelo Russell?

25:00 – Old guard vs. new guard, and how technology has changed not only the NBA draft, but our entire lives.

29:00 – Nate almost got victimized by a fake Woj bomb.

37:40 – Ekpe Udoh return to the Warriors? Anthony Randolph?! Let’s do it.

45:00 – The amazing suspense leading up to a … Lauri Markkanen pick. Also, he’s going to the Bulls. Everyone knows it. Why can’t he just put on a Bulls hat? Why is this so hard?

47:00 – Nate still pines for Vince Carter, and regrets the heck out of that draft.

49:00 – Knicks slander.

1:04:30 – Would the Cavs have beat the Warriors if they’d kept Andrew Wiggins? Lol.

1:09:00 – Dwight Howard in Charlotte. Good fit? How much shade should we throw at him?

1:18:00 – We get to a player who none of us know who the hell he is and decide to stop the podcast.

1:18:45 – Do any of these picks or moves move anyone closer to the Warriors? Answer: no.