Almighty Ballin Ep. 174: Superstars in NBA Hell with’s Ben Golliver

“Together, Cousins, George, Wall and Davis—all former lottery picks under 27—embody the pitfalls of a league where success is driven by the concentration of talent. As Cleveland and Golden State seek to become the first pair of teams to face off in three straight Finals, these four franchise players opened the season fighting like hell to push past mediocrity.

All four play in small markets in front of crowds below the league’s average. Their franchises have yielded more name changes (Royals, Bullets, Hornets) than championship parades over the last 50 years, and they were a combined 11–29 at week’s end. Worst of all, barring a blockbuster trade, all four are locked in with their teams until July 2018 at the earliest.”

Sports Illustrated’s Ben Golliver joins the show to talk about his recent article on – Will Anyone Save the NBA’s Stranded Stars – and the accompanying Open Floor podcast he recorded with Andrew Sharp.


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