ZardCast Ep. 36: Beating the Cavs, John Wall is Mad at David, Ranking Losses by Sadness

Today on ZardCast, the guys return after a few weeks off to discuss a big win over the Cavaliers, the reason behind John Wall’s poor play in December, ranking the games in the losing streak in terms of sadness, saying goodbye to Martell Webster, Kobe Bryant retiring and much more.

Topics discussed include:
ZardCast is backNice win over the Cleveland Cavaliers to break a 4 game losing streak, John Wall has a big 35 point gameWall’s slump possibly linked to the pod not playing his supercut last show, taking a few weeks offPerformance was antithetical to how they previously playedMarcin Gortat had a big night, Bradley Beal has a big third quarter, Randy Wittman’s tie is terribleRank the four game losing streak, a 4-tear scaleWhat went wrong over that stretch? The team names of who the Wizards lost to isn’t as bad as it appears at a glanceKris Humphries being phased out of the starting lineup, caused some growing painsIs Wittman still the worst? How should we feel about the Humphries experiment? David vents about how bad it failed, CT thinks maybe Wittman could run the offense how he’d want it to actually run with the second unit