ZardCast Ep. 44: Ben Mehic From Wiz of Awes, Golden State Circus in DC, Just Another Saturday in Charlotte, Podcast B

Today on ZardCast, the guys welcome Wiz of Awes Editor Ben Mehic to the show following a win over the New York Knicks to talk about everything wrong with the Washington Wizards including needing star performances from John Wall to beat bad teams. Later, CT and Dave discuss the circus that was Golden State coming to town, John Wall and Steph Curry dueling, a podcast business meeting goes all wrong at the 76ers game and another terrible loss in Charlotte. Plus: Pop Culture Detour on The People vs. OJ Simpson.

Topics dicussed include:
The guys convene following a win over the New York Knicks and are joined by Wiz of Awes Editor Ben MehicRunning down a close win over the Knicks that the Wizards nearly blew. It sucks we need superstar performances from John Wall to barely beat bad Eastern Conference teamsBen says there’s no downside to firing Randy WittmanAre you a believer in the narrative that they’ll take advantage of a weak schedule, Alan Anderson coming back and playing well? Ben doesn’t think the Wizards are capableHis biggest complaint is Ernie Grunfeld’s roster constructionDoes Kevin Durant love his cousins? Is uncertainty around Otto Porter a thing? The Wizards just figured out he’s best at the four positionKris Humphries returns from injury, shoots a threeBen says Alan Anderson has the best handshake gameCheck out Wiz of Awes new podcast, Taking Care of WiznessGolden State Warriors c