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BlazersEdge.com is on the cutting edge of Portland Trail Blazers coverage, with a rotating podcast panel including Dave Deckard, Dan Marang, Tara (aka TeamMom), Jo Wulffenstein, and guests from around the Portland Trail Blazers and the NBA.


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 On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast Tara Bowen-Biggs and Dan Marang run down the Blazers recent run of play, discuss the emergence of Shabazz Napier and Pat Connaughton, Damian Lillard’s absence, Nikola Mirotic and DeAndre Jordan on the trade block, and why NBA players shouldn’t be friends on the court. That and more on this week’s Blazer’s Edge podcast! Intro Things to build on over the past week Reviewing the past week Can we count on players outside Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum Evan Turner fitting in Pat Connaughton and Maurice Harkless getting to the basket Getting the most out the other guys Nurkic fever making a return Equal opportunity offense The Blazer's defense is for real- that's fun Why won't Nurkic dunk on everyone Understanding how good Nurkic's footwork and why he's so frustrating Lillard and teammates rise for the Stotts banner Style points are back- why the Hawks game was more than just a regular win Trade Deadline- Nikola Mirotic What will Mirotic cost Portland Should the Blazers entertain offers for Collins

Some people say the NBA season doesn’t really start until Christmas. Well, we disagree. On this episode of the WHAT Pod, Tara and Kendyl talk about all the fun, exciting, and unexpected things that happened the first 10 weeks of the NBA season. We can’t imagine waiting until Christmas to watch the NBA, but just in case YOU did, we’ve picked out all our favorite highlights around the Association. 2:00 Big game, big injury: Cavs vs Celtics and Gordon Hayward goes down, impressive performances by Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. 5:00 Injury bug bites early7:23 Eric Bledsoe’s Tweet heard around the league10:50 Early Coach firings, Earl Watson and David Fizdale12:58 Surprisingly fast starts and what we think about the East vs West so far15:43 Raptors on the rise (Dwayne Casey on The Lowe Post) 19:30 Outstanding rookies and LeBron’s active interest in the young players24:28 Will LeBron be NBA Commissioner some day?26:40 Rundown of some statistical highlights (via Basketball Reference) and

On this week's episode of the Blazer's Edge podcast Tara Bowen-Biggs and Dan Marang break down the miraculous comeback versus the Philadelphia 76ers and the absolute dumpster fire that was the match up with the league-worst Atlanta Hawks - what happened, what went right and/or wrong, what does it mean going forward, breaking Jusuf Nurkic's nose before every game, the rise of Shabazz Napier and whether or not Coach Stotts is to blame for the up and down play. Intro Damian Lillard taking every game off he needs to get healthy Outlining the comeback vs the 76ers Napier, Nurkic, McCollum and a free throw bonanza Mad Nurkic vs Sad Nurkic Dan's rant on officiating, what's wrong with it and how to fix it going forward Blazers take another team lightly and pick up their worst loss of the year Where does the blame fall? Coach, player(s), GM, ownership, etc What has Coach Stotts done for this team, and how good is he as a coach Getting the most out of

It's a Christmas miracle! On this week's episode James Holas AKA @snottiedrippen and Chris Axmann @AlmightyBallin, head of ABPNRadio join Tara and Dan to talk Damian Lillard's Los Angeles attire, Coach Stotts on the hot seat, Dwight Howard in Portland, Shabazz Napier as the best Blazers bench player in years, and what to make of Jusuf Nurkic's rough start. That and more on this week's Blazer's Edge podcast! Intro Damian Lillard's heat check outfit Jusuf Nurkic's impact this season What's happening with Nurkic's up and down play Tweeting and recording at the same time Is Coach Stotts on the hot seat Nurkic's offense falling off Zach Collins' impact early on James shares his true feelings on Evan Turner How much are the Blazers missing Crabbe Shouts to Pat Connaughton Trade season is upon us What deals should Portland look at Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan, and Marc Gasol- oh my Would Dwight Howard fit in Portland Is Portland allowed to trade with the Orlando Magic DeAndre Jordan - would he fit in Portland Christmas wishes for a perfect trade Tobias

On this week's episode of the Blazer's Edge podcast Tara and Dan try to figure out what a good win really is. Is there such a thing as a bad win? From a 4-1 road trip to a 5 game losing streak and the chance to go on another 4-1 road trip. The ups, downs and everything in between of this Blazers season has finally managed to render Dan speechless

On this week's episode of the Blazer's Edge podcast Coach Dave DuFour is here to talk Blazer's identity, his conversion on Meyers Leonard, Portland's offensive struggles, why adults shouldn't wear jerseys, answers Team Mom's letter and more! Team Mom's letter Why adults shouldn't wear jerseys Portland vs Houston Showdown between Damian Lillard and James Harden Do the Blazers miss Allen Crabbe Should Meyers Leonard be on the floor How do the Blazers answer small ball lineups Understanding what a dribble hand off/DHO is Evan Turner and Maurice Harkless on the floor at the same time, this is a problem How do the Blazers compensate for non shooters on the floor You can't be on the floor if you're a net negative offensively The Blazers are missing wide open threes, a lot Looking at the Blazers by the numbers Where the Blazers are good, they're very good Where the Blazers are bad, they're very bad What is the Blazer's identity How do you feel about the Blazers right now Dead last in assists, can that be fixed Hot take- the

Tara and Kendyl are back for more NBA talk! They wonder why NBA writers are so into food right now and if are there more injuries this season? What has happened to joy in the Bay Area? Then they discuss which centers will find new homes including Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor, DeAndre Jordan (is there a Portland Trail Blazers connection?) and Marc Gasol. This week’s guest is Aimee Siegemeyer, co-owner and editor of All Heart in Hoop City, a Memphis Grizzlies blog 100% written and edited by women. She gives us insight into how fans are coping in Memphis after losing the abrupt  dismissal of their head coach, David Fizdale. Blazer’s Edge Night, February 27 Help send 2000 kids and their chaperones to a Blazer game. How you can donate to Blazer’s Edge night and get a super cool pair of socks! References Steve Kerr: Golden State Warriors' emotional outbursts are 'absolutely too much'Here's what new agent for DeAndre Jordan means for a potential

On this week's episode of the Blazer's Edge podcast  the discussion centers around something no on saw coming this year- where has all the offense gone? Tara and Dan discuss the 4-1 road trip, back to back home losses, CJ McCollum's slump, Meyers Leonard's return to the spotlight and more. Reviewing the 4-1 road trip Damian Lillard finds his jumpshot Milwaukee Bucks - why are they such a problem for the Blazers? Death by Rajon Rondo and Tony Allen jumpers

Ben Golliver from SI.com and Blazer's Edge Alumnus drops by and gives us the deep dive on everything Jusuf Nurkic after sitting with the Bosnian Beast earlier this season. From how hate mail and trade grades serve as great motivating tools for story writing, to why Jusuf Nurkic is like an actual bull. Ben breaks down the almost superhero-esque origin story of the younger Nurkic, the parallels between his early career growth and his time in Portland as a Trail Blazer and ties it together with his projections for Nurkic's growth. Along the way we discuss Nurkic's relationship with Damian Lillard, Nurkic's respect and admiration for Coach Stotts and ultimately what could the Blazers be looking at this summer when it comes to resigning Nurkic. That and more on this week's episode! What made you want to do a story about Jusuf Nurkic? What did you learn about Nurkic that you didn’t already know? What got left left on the cutting room floor? What

On Ep 2 of Women’s Hops And Talks (W.H.A.T.) Podcast,Tara and Kendyl talk with Associated Press reporter Anne Peterson whose beat has included the Portland Trail Blazers since 2002. We hear about her early days in the Bay Area, her first call to meet Arvydas Sabonis when she got to Portland, covering soccer and volleyball at the Olympic games and many tales of her interactions with some of the most notorious Blazers. How to write a story about Rasheed when he wouldn’t talk to the press A special bond with Sebastian Telfair Her one regret about Ruben Patterson Trying to keep track of Zach Randolph and Damon Stoudemeir We also hear about what it was like to cover more recent Trail Blazers like Brandon Roy and Greg Oden. Follow Tara @tcbbiggs, Kendyl @kendylbennett16, Anne @AnnieMPeterson and of course @blazersedge on Twitter. Subscribe to the Blazer's Edge Podcast via iTunes and now Google Play.We are part of the Almighty Baller Radio Network. Check out

On this week's episode former professional basketball player and current Blazer's Edge Analyst (and resident big man) Brian Freeman joins us to on this episode where it's all about big men- specifically Jusuf Nurkic and what's transpired the past couple of games in the fourth quarter and what went wrong against the Brooklyn Nets. Brian and the crew break down team schemes, understanding what we know and don't know from a fan/media point of view, the effects of closed door meetings and more! 1:00 Introduction - Brian Freeman- former professional basketeer and resident bigman is our guest today! 2:00 The Blazers identity - where is it 4:00 Building the Blazers identity on both ends 5:00 Breaking down the Nets game- what happened and why 7:00 What's up with Nurkic and not closing out games 8:30 Why hasn't Nurkic been on the floor 11:00 Where did it gone wrong against the Nets 14:00 That one bad play everyone is talking about,

Welcome to Women’s Hops And Talks, a podcast where we elevate the voices of women in basketball. Twice a month, co-hosts Tara and Kendyl will talk with women who write about, talk about, work in and love basketball. For our first episode we talk to NBC Sports Northwest digital host/reporter Jamie Hudson. We learn more about how busy Jamie is as a digital reporter, her early broadcasting days (including interviewing Sir Charles on the red carpet), and what advice she has for those looking at getting into sports reporting. Other topics include Jamie’s outside shooting skills Challenges and rewards of being a woman covering sports Who is surprising us in the NBA this season? Is there another team about to be as obnoxious as the Clippers? Who will be the new face of the NBA when LeBron retires? Which women inspire Jamie Check us out in the coming weeks and months as we talk to more women who love basketball. Get SocialFollow

On this week's episode, Chad Doing (@chadinripcity) of RipCityRadio 620AM's Afternoon Drive with Travis & Chad joins Dan Marang to discuss; the first 10 games of the season, the Blazer's continued commitment to defense, the revival of Nurk Fever, and the ultimate question- is Jusuf Nurkic a Bad Boy? That and more on this episode of the Blazer's Edge podcast. 1:00 Early Season Expectations, 10 Games In2:00 What’s Most Impressive So Far4:00 Commitment To Defense- Is It Real6:00 Dame Setting The Tone On Both Ends10:00 What Are The Things You Don’t Like So Far12:30 Worried About The Fouls Yet15:30 Is Nurk Fever Upon Us Once Again19:00 Nurkic Pick And Roll20:30 Portland Bad Boys26:00 Lillard On A Tear29:00 Dame’s Maturation30:30 Next 6 Games- How Does It Look33:00 Initial Report On Caleb Swanigan Get social Follow us on Twitter @blazersedge @DMarang @tcbbiggs Subscribe to the Blazer's Edge Podcast via iTunes and now Google Play. We are part of the Almighty Baller Radio Network. Check out

On this week's podcast Dan calls up the numbers to find out just how bad the Trail Blazer's have been close to the basket these first 6 games, and we try to figure out why. Fortunately, thanks to contributions up and down the roster and consistent defense, they've managed to keep a winning record. But how long do we wait to see Damian Lillard and Jusuf Nurkic return to form? Other topics covered this week: -The Patty Buckets nickname debate -Dame has more to offer than just shooting -Is Aminu the 3rd most important player right now? -Playing time for Swanigan and Collins--how much longer will we see either of them on the floor? -Where exactly are the Blazer's struggling in offense, why and how do they fix it? -Upcoming game predictions References Scoring percentages are from NBASavant.Game recap and other statistics from Basketball Reference. Get social Follow us on Twitter @blazersedge @DMarang @tcbbiggsSubscribe to the Blazer's Edge Podcast via iTunes and now Google Play.We are part of the