ZardCast Ep. 47: Boat Racing, NBA Teams as Presidential Candidates, Pelvic Whacking, Dave After Dark

Today on ZardCast, the guys convene to discuss the Wizards three-game losing streak, what it means to their playoff hopes, NBA teams as presidential candidates, a spicy episode of “Dave After Dark” that was too hot to air, Pop Culture Detour and much more.

Topics discussed include:
CT explains the term “boat racing” to Dave and DuncanWizards lose three in a row, playoff hopes are slowly unraveling. Can they still make it? Losing to the Chicago Bulls, If the Wizards are the Marco Rubio of the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers are Donald Trump, the Toronto Raptors are Ted Cruz and the Golden State Warriors are Hillary ClintonAfter beating the Cavaliers in Washington, it seemed inevitable that LeBron James would would whack the Wizards in OhioCT and Duncan watched the Indiana Pacers game at Matchbox, CT awkwardly watches the end of the match over a booth divider. Dave can’t get a bartender to change the channel from UNC-Duke to the WizardsPelvic whackingDave is frustrated by the lack information on Bradley Beal’s injuries, and overall with the lack of information from the organization on where these guys standBreaking down what went wrong down the str