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ZardCast Ep. 6: Bribery, An Abrupt Departure, The Slap

Today on ZardCast, CT, David and Max convene to discuss what is surely the low point of the season with the Washington extending its losing streak to five, before bashing the Nets at home. Topics discussed in this podcast include: 
The Wizards haven’t gone off the rails, it’s just a slump Hot takes on Randy WittmanDoes he have a backup plan? What is the Randy Wittman system?Coaching change or nah?Home grown players and how many do the better teams in the league normally have running the show?Dave points to the importance of homegrown, tradable assets — something the Wizards haven’t really hadMax has to abruptly leaveWhy the Charlotte Hornets continue to sting the WizardsA good try against Atlanta Hawks, the best team in the leagueCT’s ups and downs with Garrett Temple