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Brickhouse was made so that Bob and Matt could highlight and discuss what they enjoy and find funny about the NBA.

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The Raptors love co-opting pop culture. From Jurassic Park, to Drake, to Game of Thrones their team is looking for marketing schemes with a built-in audience. Hence the pressure for the Raps to keep their playoff team together. If they lost Lowry and Ibaka they might have chosen to become just another hockey team. We roast Canada even though, right now, we're pretty jealous of them.

Portland fights to stay the hipster capital of the NBA. Fortunately, Brooklyn is too bad for anyone to root for. If the Jail Blazers of the early oughts were a movie, what movie would they be? Portland is famous for beer and the adult soapbox derby and they recommend a combination of the two. Soak in the city's diversity from The Sierra Club to strip clubs.

Our Utah Jazz roast jokes so white they get a sunburn standing in front of the TV. Hear how Salt Lake City carries on without Gordon Hayward. We discuss SLC Punk and how the city embraces their no nightlife culture. Which Australian teammate will win the conch on Utah Jazz Survivor Island? Only one place to find out: Brickhouse.

We're taking our preview pod to South Beach! The comeback kids who went 30-11 the second half of the season are back. Not much has changed on their team except expectations. We've got roast jokes for all your favorite Heat characters: Dion Waiters, Pat Riley, Hassan Whiteside, Kelly Olynyk and even LeBron James. Plus, we breakdown the Miami crime rate, James Johnson's MMA career and white V-neck tees.

NBA hipsters recommend the Denver Nuggets this season. Jokic may as well be their Morrissey. Their international scouting and mile-high stadium give them advantages over opponents, though one gets way more undue recognition than the other. We review the slopes, hydro, and penthouses. Review and rate us on iTunes!

The Clippers have been criticized for not having a bench. That's why they went and got the entire bench from the Rockets. Blake Griffin is back on the squad, cementing his place in history next to MLK and Neil Armstrong. And Danilo Gallinari already injured his hand punching a dude before his first game in LA. Plus, in a shocking twist of fate Austin Rivers may be an asset while Doc is a liability. Check out the Clippers entire history of dysfunction in The Curse by Mick Minas available on Amazon and clippercurse.com

Sixers fans aren't just trusting the process this year, they're betting the farm. We breakdown the NBA cities with the most Chick-Filas and reveal our top five League Pass teams. Get ready for lots of JJ Redick so old jokes. Plus, hear our ratings for the city of Philly: booing Santa Claus, cheesesteaks, Dion Waiters, Pawnsylvania, and Rocky movies.

The Pelicans have a lot riding on this season from the fate of DeMarcus Cousins to the fate of their franchise. We review everything in the Big Easy from gumbo to jazz. No roast joke opportunity is missed either: from unibrows to halitosis, we break loose like the city's levees. Follow us on Twitter @brickhousepod

If you get Dwight Howard in a trade for Miles Plumlee you got to ask yourself: What's the catch? Michael Jordan resisted his annual urge to draft a tall, goofy white guy. Kemba Walker looks to continue his streak of All-Star appearances in the depleted East. We breakdown who would win a game of Survivor among Hornets players and rank the Charlotte Raptor Center and Krispy Kreme donuts in our Five Stars segment.

Want to know what can happen to a small market team under the new CBA? Exhibit A: The Memphis Grizzlies. The Grit N Grind era took a blow with the losses of Randolph and Allen. There's a lot riding on Chandler Parson's knees. Fortunately, Marc Gasol has been perfecting his gazpacho recipe and Mike Conley will be better than half the guys who make the East All Star team. We're excited to see Coach Fizdale run it back in Graceland.

Stan Van Gundy awkwardly returns to the team he tried to trade last season. Why were the Pistons the NBA hipster pick last year? Does Stan wish he took the Golden State job? We review Detroit Rock City, Jalen Rose and Little Caesar's Pizza. Plus, how Boban survives on a dessert island and Matt's Clint Eastwood impression.

True Big Baller Brand disciples have the Lakers twenty spots higher in their NBA rankings. Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson are renovating the Lakers faster than an episode of HGTV. Hear how Lonzo fares in the game of Survivor. Plus, the LA version of five stars where points are deducted for smelling like urine. Copious Brandon-Ingram-so-skinny jokes inside!

The Kings spent their offseason looking for guys who's attitudes are the opposite of Boogie Cousins's. They call them "character guys." Clint Howard is a character actor but you don't see anyone giving him his own movie. Find out what all of Brickhouse's old friends are up to: Vivek, Vlade and even Sam Hinkie. Plus, Matt Baker roasts the Kings like Drogon roasts Lannisters. Ya burnt!

Can a front office shakeup get the Magic on the right path? We rate and review Disneyworld, Boy Bands and Legends of the Hidden Temple! We give you the definition of Fournier AND Biyombo. Plus, does high hair really mess up your jump-shot or is it just Elfrid Payton's arms? Worth a listen just to hear what the Magic mascot Stuff actually looks like. Brickhouse is now accepting 5 Star reviews on i-tunes.