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Russell Westbrook has officially knocked The Nuggets out of the


This weeks episode was recorded on 4/6/17, and goes into


This episode was recorded March 25th, and goes over an array of topics. Including a recap of the stretch of games before the Portland

This episode Derek goes solo. Listen as he battles through a cold to get you a recap of the Nuggets dominating performance, and highlights

In this episode Logan and Derek talk a little about what the Nuggets need to focus on in order to best prepare for the

Thank you for joining us for the latest episode, as the Dig In Denver Crew takes you inside yesterday's Nuggets practice. Coach Malone talks

This episode the boys talk about the final few key players of the Nuggets roster and how there expectations have faired from the start

The second installment of the three part series. In todays episode, we talk about expectations of players coming in to the year, and how

Logan and Derek embark on a three part series discussing expectations of the Nuggets thus far this season from the hometown perspective. Join as they start

In the first ABPN round table discussion, Buzz Beat brings on James Holas from The Truth, Derek Perez from Dig In Nuggets, and Daniel

The Nuggets were recently on a tuff four game stretch agains some formidable opponents last week. The Dig In Denver podcast will dive deeper

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