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On this episode, the boys talk Kyrie Irving and Damien Wilkins, plus, The Bartender teaches us a new game. LINKS 1. Kyrie Want Go Bye-Bye 2. Pacers

This week, The Doctor and The Bartender discuss the Pacers recent moves and take a stroll around the association. Links 1. The Audition 2. Falling in Love

The uncertainty is finally over and Paul George is no longer a Pacer.  Did we do enough in the trade to save the franchise

This episode, we dissect the NBA Draft and ponder what the Pacers will do going forward. Lavoy Allen Is Gone Draft Results Jimmy Butler

Sooooo Paul George is all but gone, and the boys have a lot of processing to do. Plus, the NBA draft is coming this

Your favorite Pacer analysts breakdown the NBA Finals, discuss whether or not Kevin Durant broke the league, and mull the possibility of a Loveless,

Your favorite Pacer fanboys are at it again this week, breaking down the NBA Finals and stressing about the Pacers' cratering leverage in the

This week the boys preview the NBA Finals and discuss its historical ramifications. Plus, the trade market has cooled for Paul George, Joey's Stat,

Yes, Pacer Nation, the Undebeatables are hitting all the panic buttons after Paul George didn't make an All-NBA team this season. What does it

This week, we cover the end of the second round of the playoffs and preview the conference finals match-ups.  We also have an Undegooglable

The Doctor and Bartender breakdown round 2 of the NBA playoffs and address a pressing Pacer rumor. All that, plus Kawhi Leonard super-stats and

This week the boys talk Larry Bird stepping down as President of your Indiana Pacers. Can Kevin Pritchard right the ship? Is Nate the

The off-season has arrived for your Indiana Pacers a bit too early, and now the boys have time for fretting and plotting. Should the

This show we’re discussing game 4 of the Cleveland series. Plus, we’re chatting about the rest of the action around the league. Links Pacers

Well, Pacer Nation, that was rough. Commiserate with the boys as they process one of the worst losses in franchise history. There will be

The Undebeatables have the emergency pod fix for all you Pacers fans.  We discuss what we'll need to do back in the Fieldhouse to turn this

Join us as we dissect everything regarding the Pacers narrow loss to the Cavs in Game 1 of their 1st Round Playoff series. Links 1. Pacers

This episode, the Undebeatables cover the final two games of the regular season and preview the playoff match-ups.  It's time for the NBA Playoffs!

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