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Tim talks about the Denver Nuggets 146 points, Greg monroe fooling everybody, and then previews tomorrows 7 game dfs slate which is perfect for

Tim talks about Greg Monroe and the Pheonix suns, he then moves on to talk about every game on tomorrows massive 11 game slate. FOLLOW

Embiid had a crazy stat line tonight as did the sixers, tim then moves on to preview a quick 2 game dfs slate

Tim discusses Marcus Smart's trash dfs game today, after his short rant he moves on to preview tomorrows MASSIVE 11 game slate. There are

Tim previews tomorrows tiny 3 game slate and tries to find players to fill out your lineup with.

Tim previews a big 9 game slate for dfs and finds a couple of value plays especially at the C position. He then moves

Tim talks about a couple of things from todays contest mainly Kyrie Irving leaving early, Sweet Lou williams going off and another solid effort

Tim dissects todays games and talks about James harden's massive game, emmanuel mudiays maturity and then moves on to preview 8 big games on

Tim discusses today's game and some injury news, he then previews tomorrows 5 game slate and talks about the best strategy to win tomorrow.

Tim previews a small 5 game wednesday slate and gives you all the details you need for tomorrows matchups. Follow us on twitter @thewaiverwire1

Tim previews a big 10 game slate tomorrow and throws in his 2 cents about who you must pick tomorrow Follow us on twitter @thewaiverwire1

The season long form fantasty is back for another week and tim details all the players you need to consider adding into your lineups

Tim reviews friday nights games including an almost Waiters island buzzer beater. He then moves on to preview tomorrows slate and talk in depth

Tim previews another big 12 game slate, Larry Nance is out so Julius Randle is a big chance to finally get some big minutes

If you listen to this episode you will get over 400 in dfs tomorrow! thats a big claim that is impossible to be correct

Tim previews tomorrows dfs slate and talks about the detroit super team

Tim previews a big 9 game slate, he talks about kemba walkers big day out and tim hardaway Jr. finally earning his money worth

It's almost the end of your fantasy week matchups so it's time for the waiver wire to look ahead at some options you should

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