DG Courtroom Season 1, Ep. 30: A Mystery Guest Storms in to Court!

The Judge (AKA Daniel Green, @DanielAGreen1) is back to recap Wednesday’s action, and to help us prepare for a tricky 4 game slate on Thursday.  The Judge begins the show by discussing Chambers’ winners, dreamkillers, and dreamlovers – but has to first fight off a mystery intruder!  Bailiff, please escort the mystery guest out of the premises.  Then, we turn our focus to the 4 game Thursday slate by discussing injuries and then flying to Vegas (blackjack table at Hard Rock).  The Judge discusses the lines and over/unders of each game, and then he talks about which games to target based on pace.  Finally, the Judge hammers home the top plays at each position: Is every Wizard overpriced (Answer: Yes)?  Is every Wizard in play (Answer: Yes)?  Is this the day we finally play GS in cash games?  Has center ever been worse?  Which bum and/or #OneTrickPony will lead us to glory.  The answers to these questions and more is revealed…Enjoy!