Drive and Dish Ep. 103: 2016-2017 NBA Season First Impressions & Over Reactions

Anthony Davis… is he putting up empty stats, or is their loss on the other players on the pelicans?

Why are the Nets resting Brook Lopez on the 3rd day of the season?

How are the Milwaukee Bucks looking without Kris Middleton?

Are the Toronto Raptors going to struggle without Jered Sullenger?

– Valachunas looks ready for an amazing season

The Boston Celtics Rebounding is very questionable

– Why is everyone saying the Celtics are better than the Raptors?

– The Orlando Magic Defence has been so bad… which is translating to bad offense. 

– Is the hype around Joel Embiid justified or is it a too hot? 


– Is there a reason the Bulls lead the league in Offensive Rating, and Assists per game

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