Drive and Dish Ep. 105: The Drive and Almighty Dish: Can The NBA East Compete with the Cavaliers

Special guest Chris Axmann (@AlmightyBallin) Joins Tim and Justin to talk about the NBA East and teams that can compete with the Cleveland Cavaliers:


– Is the old Roy Hibbert Back? 

– Can Kemba Walker keep his amazing play up

– The Defense on this Team is beautiful, it starts with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, But can he become an offensive weapon? 


– Is Dwight Howard the Key to beating the Cavs?

– Dennis Schroder is ready to take on Irving

– Kent Bazemore at the 2 is something they might have to visit

– Is this the Atlanta Hawks best chance to beat the Cavs?


– We don’t think they will be competing with the Cavs, but we ask why were so many people high on this team? 

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