Drive and Dish Ep. 107: NBA Bottom Tier Tanking, Or Trying?

We take a look a the “Bottom Tier” NBA Teams and ask… should they actively Tank out the rest of this season,or keep making a push? We also Announce our New Segment “STAT DROP”

– What would define Tanking for the Sacramento Kings, The Pheonix Suns, The Dallas Mavericks and the Washington Wizards?

– Some Teams are still close to the 7th or 8th seed… is it worth it to make the playoffs?

– Tom Thibeau… Is he the right coach for the  Minnesota Timberwolves?

   – Is Ricky Rubio The one to go?

– Was the shot clock call in the Toronto Raptors v Kings game right?

– Was the Punishment for Bradley Beal Chocking Evan Fornier to low?

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