Drive and Dish Ep. 109: On The First Day Of Christmas Draymond Gave to me… Leg Kicks?

The Guys Discuss some recent Nba News… And what there least favorite Christmas gift was:

Will Westbrook win MVP over Harden or Durant?

How is Kevin Durrant being so Efficient? 

Is Draymond green the defensive guy for the Warriors… Or is Durrant? 

Are you believing Jonny Auping’s article on Cousins going to the Warriors, Clippers Or Cavs?

Was Green at fault for kicking Harden in the face? 

 – What about the Chriss Kick in the Pheonix Suns game?

Is it time to panic… The Cleveland Cavaliers lost 3 in a row! 

Will Kevin Love or Dwight Howard make the All-Star game? 

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