Drive and Dish Ep. 131: Pure #NBA Banter

Tim and Justin take on many NBA topics, Jokim Noah being Suspended and Devin Bookers 70 point performance… along with your own submitted questions on our Social Media Pages…

These Questions include: 

1.  If you’re the Pacers, do you reach out to the Lakers during the draft to trade Paul George for their lottery pick?

2. If you’re the Lakers, do you do the deal… are the Lakers (Clarkson and Russell ) the PGs of the Future??

3. Which team in the east will win a ring first – The Sixers or the Magic?

 – How would you approach the Embiid Situation?

4. What is going on with the Detroit Pistons?

5. Who has been the most surprising this year?

6.   Are the Timberwolves better without LaVine?

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