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The Drive and Dish NBA Podcast hosted by Kevin Rafuse and Tim Tompkins with producer Justin Cousart. This isn’t your average NBA pod; not only do you get the best in analysis, but you’ll get it while feeling like your kicking back on your couch with the boys. Also, we’re funny sometimes.


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Justin brings back out Indiana Pacers writer, Grant Afseth (Indiana Pacers writer for Indiana Sports Coverage, Editor for Myles Turner's website & Columnist for the Kokomo Tribune.) They talk about the team as a whole and if they are actually legit this year. then, they talk about Coach Nate Mcmillan and ask if he should be considered for Coach of the year. After that Justing addresses the ESPN question, Did the Pacers win the PG13 Trade because of Victor Oladipo's recent play. hear all this and more on this midweek of the Drive And Dish NBA.

Kevin and Justin talk about some streaking teams in the NBA, more specifically the Cavs and The Rockets

Midweek interview!!! Kevin brings on Duncan Smith, @DuncanSmithNBA to talk about the Pistons newfound success. He asks about the changes that have been made to their offense. How Andre Drummond's overall game has improved, how in the hell do all the Pistons starters have a negative net rating, has Tobias Harris has taken the leap this year, what are the expectations for next year

We discuss some of the early bench players who are already making strong cases for 5th man including Marcus Smart, Tyreke Evans, Dwayne Wade, Lou Williams, Normal Powell & more. We also touch on the David Fizdale firing and what the next logical move for the Memphis Grizzlies are. Kevin Rafuse (@Rafusetolose) and Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) www.DriveAndDishPodcast.com

Justin brings on Grizzlies guest Joe Mullinax, Site manager for "Grizzly Bear Blues," Sb Nations Grizzlies site and Grizzly bear blues live Podcast host. They talk about the new coaching change in Memphis. Justin asks questions like

Dan Moore joins the program to discuss the Timberwolves and how Minnesota is taking in the newfound success. How has Teague fit in and would Rubio have been a better fit? What about the Andrew Wiggins max extension? Can their defense and bench carry them deep into the playoff or do they have a Shabazz Muhammad problem. Kevin Rafuse (@RafuseToLose) hosts! www.DriveAndDishPodcast.com Facebook & Twitter @ DriveAndDishNBA

Imagine, You're at Thanksgiving with all of your NBA friends

Imagine, You're at Thanksgiving with all of your NBA friends

Grant Afseth (@GrantAfseth) of IndianaSportsCoverage.com joins to discuss the surprise start to the Pacers season. Is Victor Oladipo's play sustainable for an entire season? Can Myles Turner and Sabanois share the court long term? How do the advanced statistics shine a light on a long 82 game season. www.DriveAndDishPodcast.com Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA), Justin Cousart (@JustinCOntheair) and Kevin Rafuse (@RafuseToLose)

Tim, Kevin And Justin talk about The Spurs, and If we're worried that Kawhi is not recovering as fast as they need

The Suns have traded 'star' point guard Eric Bledsoe to the Bucks. Did the Suns get fleeced? Can Eric Bledsoe make the Bucks a 'contending' team out East? How will the rotations be impacted for the Bucks? Will the Suns keep Greg Monroe as part of #TheTimeline? Alex Juneau (@Junesfoshiz) of Cream City Central joins the pod with Justin Cousart and Tim Tompkins to discuss. @DriveAndDishNBA www.DriveAndDishPodcast.com

Tim, Kevin and Justin Talk Pretend to be a Hot or Not App, and rate NBA teams on how successful they have been this season, they also ask if the success is sustainable. The first teams are the Boston Celtics, and the Clippers

The gang is back to talk NBA! they hit on the Orlando Magic and ask if they are legit or just having a really good start, and how good Jonathan Simmons is for this team! How has Aaron Gordon Changed his game to become really effective on the court? they then switch their attention over to the OKC Thunder and ask if the big three is working, fans are mad that Carmelo is a "Ball Stopper." should the fans be worried about the team

Our Firs Mid-week of the season, Justin And Tim chat with Andy Larsen about the Utah Jazz and their start to the season. Andy Is a busy guy, he's a Utah Jazz beat writer for @KSLcom, The Managing Editor of Salt City Hoops (ESPN TrueHoop affiliate of the Utah Jazz) and an ESPN 700 Radio host Thursday 7-9 PM. They Ask all the questions they can including: How has Quin Snyder adjusted to the new team, Can Joe ingles stay as hot as he is from 3, How has Ricky Rubio adjusted to the jazz style of play, Is Donovan Mitchell being relied on too much, all these and more answered on this Half Hour Jazz Podcast!