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Ep. 22: NBA Awards Show, The Big 3, Luke Kennard (Nard Dog?!)

In this weeks episode we take a look into recent NBA news and also do an in-depth analysis of the newest Piston Luke Kennard.

The NBA premiered the NBA Awards Show for the first year to winners of the top awards. David gives us his thoughts as a viewer and then we also discuss All-NBA Defense and All-Rookie team. Isaiah Thomas with an All-Defense vote? Avery Bradley left of the list? Twitter isn’t happy.

We also offer our takeaways from the Big 3 Tournament run by Ice Cube. A lot of injuries, not a lot of Allen Iverson razzle-dazzle.

Most importantly, we take a deeper look into the talents of Luke Kennard and what his future beholds. Who he reminds us of and his overall versatility!

All that and more in this week’s episode!


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