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Hocus Podcast Ep.6 – MIN game recap, Serge Ibaka trade rumors, player evaluations

The Orlando Magic are coming off another tough (overtime) loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. But do we dwell on it here at the Hocus Podcast? A little. Not much. The focus now has largely become on player development, so we’ll take the time to delve into some specific problems and idiosyncricies that have plagued Aaron Gordon and Mario Hezonja. We discuss the possibilities of moving Nikola Vucevic and Serge Ibaka, both rumored to have been the topic of trade discussions recently. With the trade deadline now about three weeks away (Feb. 23) the Magic have an opportunity… …to throw this fully into tank mode.

Should the emphasis now be on developing the youngest players and seeing what the Magic have that can be used in this next phase of the rebuild? The rebuild of the rebuild, if you will? Orlando is firmly out of the postseason chase as possessors of the second-worst record in the East, and while the playoffs may have been an attractive notion to start the year, the focus at this point has to be mostly on the 2017 draft. We give the draft a moment again, because it is hard not to.

Expect our focus to be on the “tank.” Embrace it. This is the fifth year sans a postseason appearance and some real progress has to be made this offseason to renew and spark some interest in a team that has lingered in the same place since the departure of Dwight Howard five years ago now.