Inside the Cylinder Ep. 8: We talkin’ defense, free throws, and Greater Morris!

Ep. 8: Free throw woes, defensive disruptiveness, and Greater Morris getting it done

In this week’s episode, Inside the Cylinder takes a dive into the state of the Detroit PIstons and the culture of the team.

We pay tribute to Rip Hamilton’s retirement ceremony, and revisit the nostalgic good feelings of the Goin’ to Work Pistons.

Andre’s free throws are once again becoming a major problem. Why did he stop walking back to half court? Are his free throws trending down? We need answers! We take a deeper look.

Are we witnessing a defensive shift in this teams culture? We analyze the what’s and who’s that have been contributing to the Piston’s recent bursts of disruptive defense. We also take a look into Stan Van Gundy’s comments regarding his commitment to our current lineup.

And finally, certified-bucket-getter Marcus Morris has turned things around and Inside the Cylinder is very happy about it. How is he doing it and how does it affect the Pistons moving forward?

All this and more in this week’s episode!