Ode to Oden Ep. 11: Sacramento Kings Draft Review/Preview

Georgios Papagiannis! He, alone, is a great reason to make my final team draft review/preview about the Kings. To be clear, I’m not here to roast the Sactown Viveks. This podcast is supposed to be a source of hope for all people, and Kings fans are people too. Papagiannis, while having an underwhelming summer league and preseason, is an unknown with an intriguing past. Skal Labissiere is currently a bit of an enigma with an intriguing past. Malachi Richardson contradicted a lack luster past with a month and a half of intriguing play. The potential and mystery of these three first rounders is at the very least interesting. So, I give you this podcast. No unfair Kings bashing. Just respectful and measured takes on the Kings’ maybe-good-maybe-bad draft choices. Enjoy.