On the NBA Beat Ep. 3a: Isaac Lowenkron: Clippers’ Depth Allows Doc Rivers to Be “Basketball Mad Scientist”

DeAndre Jordan returning and the bench deficiencies seemingly fixed,
expectations for the Los Angeles Clippers are sky high this season. Fox Sports Radio’s
Isaac Lowenkron stops by to convince us why we should believe the hype. Our
guest envisions the team’s newfound depth as a vital factor in its championship
hopes, claiming that such depth essentially allows Doc Rivers to be a
“basketball mad scientist,” experimenting with various potential rotations. He
also explains why the team is likely to transform from a mediocre defense into
an elite unit. And could eight-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul truly be the
Clippers’ most underrated player? With all these topics covered, among others,
you’re now officially ready for the Clippers’ season to tip off Wednesday night. 

Music: “Who Likes to Party” by Kevin MacLeod