Ode to Oden Ep. 9: Denver Nuggets Draft Review/Preview

The Nuggets edge the Celtics for the most interesting draft for me: three first round picks for a team that is generally very forward-thinking, and two well used late seconds. Murray was a gift at seven, and Beasley at nineteen seems like a good pick too. I beg forgiveness from the Summer League gods for my miss-evaluation of Juancho “I-Have-The-Second-Best-First-Name-In-The-NBA” Hernangomez.  I touch on the Joffrey Lauvergne trade, then spend a lot of time boring most of my listeners listing trade details from each of Denver’s acquired 2016 draft pick. I repeat my opinion of each draftee, praise Mudiay and Jokic, dash the hopes of Nuggets fans everywhere, and finish off with minutes projections for the youngsters. Enjoy.