On the NBA Beat Ep. 9b: Kobe and Garnett: Passing the Torch to Russell, Towns in Different Ways

On the heels of the Lakers-focused interview with Rey
Moralde, the guys delve further into how Los Angeles can best develop its
highly touted young players and how important it will be for the Lakers to re-sign
Jordan Clarkson. In the final segment, the A-A-Ron Block, the Minnesota
Timberwolves are used as a prime example of a team that has fairly seamlessly
integrated young talent, an area where Byron Scott has struggled thus far. Aging
veterans, such as Kevin Garnett and Tayshaun Prince, have taken on a diminished
but important role both on the off the court, whereas Kobe Bryant’s shot-happy
ways appear to be stunting the growth of promising players like D’Angelo
Russell and Julius Randle. In recent games, Scott has started to give Russell
more freedom to make mistakes and grow…and your hosts certainly hope that

Music: “Who Likes to Party?” by Kevin MacLeod