The Glue Guys Ep. 9: 2-25-14

Welcome to the newly named “The Glue Guys.” Start off with Elliot’s experience at Oracle Arena watching Nets-Warriors live, including his time tailgating with monster truck fans. 10 minutes in we look at Deron Williams hot start after the All-Star Break. 17:30 what Jason Collins signing means for the Nets and the NBA and dissect the argument of whether his signing was a ‘PR’ move. 27:15 News Around the League: Felton’s legal issues, talk of expanding the court and adding a 4-point shot, Nene’s injury, and who plays the Bill Murray character in Space Jam 2. 42:30 we go through some of the top buyout candidates and where they could end up. And at 54 minutes: Killer Komparisons: Game of Thrones Edition.