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The Glue Guys Ep. 10: 3-4-13

Welcome to The Glue Guys with Brian, Elliot and Mike. Start off looking at the difference between the Portland 44 point loss to the 23 point win vs. the Nuggets. 9 minutes in we talk the win over the Bulls and getting back to Mount .500. 14:10 ranking the Nets potential first round matchups. At 21:20 we look at Marcus Thornton’s mixed bag of a first week and Jason Collins home debut. News around the League at the 30 minute mark: Adam Silver’s wish to raise the age limit, whether the D-League is better for prospect development than the NCAA, Colangelo admits tanking, Knicks continue to slide and the Bulls continue to rise. And to round off the pod at 48:30 Killer Komparisons: Job Openings.