Golden State of MindCast: 2016 NBA Western Conference Finals: Breaking down Thunder vs. Warriors

Ivan, Bram, and Nate are back to talk shop! They cover the Warriors’ Game 2 domination of the Thunder, Stephen Curry’s laser sharp focus, and much more!

Full annotated talking points:

:20 – Biggest takeaway from Game 2?

7:45 – Which team can be more consistent throughout the rest of this series? Also, motion offense vs. hero ball.

10:45 – Warriors picking on one on one matchups, especially Enes Kanter.

14:21 – Harrison Barnes’ isolation plays make Ivan’s eyeballs bleed.

15:00 – Steph changing what is imaginable. Will the league ever “catch up?”

17:17 – Steph as Babe Ruth.

19:30 – Ivan makes a triumphant return.

21:00 – The “skill” of focus.

22:15 – Bram’s dad is still pissed that the Warriors didn’t draft Steve Nash.

25:45 – Russell Westbrook’s shooting woes.

30:00 – Thunder rotation.

32:20 – Steven Adams had a rough game, physically. 

33:30 – The Warriors’ rugged frontline vs. historically tough frontlines. 

37:50 – Bram goes off on the concept of certain NBA players being “soft.” Also, trolls.

39:50 – Ivan saves the day, again.

40:35 – “Oh boy.”