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Golden State of MindCast: Do the Warriors have the best offense of all time?

3:00 – Draymond Green, Defensive Player of the Year (talking about those two blocks).

5:30 – Voter fatigue and how it relates to Stephen Curry’s MVP candidacy.

6:00 – People hate things that are good for them.

7:45 – Kevin Durant’s better-than-advertised defense for the Warriors, especially from the weak side.

13:20 – Will the Warriors have the best offense of all time once the season is said and done? We compare them to the 2002-03 Utah Jazz, a team that somehow included Karl Malone, John Stockton, Mark Jackson (yup, that Mark Jackson), and Deshawn Stevenson (looooool, what a wacky, strange locker room that must have been). Also, shoutout Jarron Collins!

17:00 – Bram makes a horrible Vince Vaughn reference and then refuses to edit anything out.

19:00 – After Ivan mentions Zaza Pachulia, Bram somehow goes on a very long, profanity-laced dive down the rabbit hole of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s wikipedia page. FEEL FREE TO SKIP THIS PART, I ONLY KEPT IT IN FOR ALL Y’ALL MOVIE/HISTORY BUFFS OUT THERE.

22:37 – “This is definitely getting edited out. Our history of the Gabor family.” “That’s what you think!”

23:00 – Okay, back to Warriors. Damian Jones = next A’mare Stoudemire?

28:00 – Will Damian Jones start taking wine baths? Somehow, this leads Bram to make Ivan look up the term “boofing.” Hilarity ensues.

32:30 – Oh right, tomorrow’s game! Warriors take on the Rockets tonight.

33:45 – Wondering what a D’Antoni/Curry match in NYC would have looked like.

40:00 – What’s the bigger challenge? Incorporating a new star player (Durant), or incorporating a new offensive system (D’Antoni)?

43:00 – #ArrogantSZN is in full swing.